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Retail Guidance marketing approach to business begins with understanding your customers and their needs.  It involves helping you design your entire company around fulfilling those needs, beginning with your products or services.  We provide solutions and techniques to pricing, services, advertising and even sales, and then solutions are developed with the customer’s needs and desires in mind.

Why is this important for small businesses?  Because marketing begins and ends with the customer.  You must understand what drives customers to buy products, in order to understand how you can best communicate your offerings.



Do you know who your customers are?  Many retailers fail due to the fact that they take for granted that everyone is their customer.  This is a fatal mistake.  For example, I have no use for beer, as I do not consume beer.  Does that make me a customer of Molson’s or Labbatts?  Of course not.  Should Labbatts or Molson’s market their products to me in business magazines?  No, and they don’t waste their marketing effort there.  They target their marketing to sporting magazines and such other venues that their target market frequent.

Retail Guidance will help you define who your target market is, and offer solutions to help you target those customers.  We will help you define your customers, who will have a similar need for your products or services, money to purchase the products or services, and the willingness and ability to buy your products or services.

 Retail Guidance helps provide the information you need to meet the needs of your customers, and determine your company’s objectives. We will show you where to find information, how to take your first research steps, how to monitor the business environment, how to observe your competition, how to negotiate with your suppliers, and how to talk to your current and potential customers.

Retail Guidance provides the information you need to establish the following:

Who is your target market? What location to use for your store?How to establish sales projections?Determining your product or service line. Developing a pricing strategy.
Where to advertise? How to establish a credit policy? Determining you required working capital. How much inventory to carry?

In today’s complex and ever changing marketplace, retailing is both an art and a science.  To succeed and thrive, retailers must develop and maintain a clear-cut management focus.  Retail Guidance will help you do this and ensure your success!

Retail Guidance will show you and your management how to formulate a strategic business and marketing plan backed by viable, practical and easy to implement steps that lay the foundation for long term profitable growth.

Our marketing principles are fundamental, straightforward, time tested and simple:

Base all decisions on fact and your target market’s perspective

Choose one basic strategic direction in which you will be distinctly superior

Create a culture that nurtures and realizes the potential and talent of your entire team

Harness technology to help you become highly productive

Strive to exceed your customers expectations by adding the WOW factor!


Decision-makers, owners and managers of independent stores or retail chains

Individuals entering retailing for the first time who need guidance to ensure success

Businesses that deal with retailers; eg., real estate developers, media, manufactures, financial institutions, advertising agencies, etc.


Your success truly depends on your business skills. Simply put, having Sauriol & Associates at your side makes good sense.  If you are serious about increasing your sales and profits, take immediate action.  Don’t delay.  For more information and a free consultation email us at




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